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Dear Karen,
We want to thank you for being a part of the journey of bringing our baby boy Khyrem into this world.  I honestly could not have been as successful without your assistance.  I'm gals we were able to call you and you were so poised and professional.  You allowed my family to remain key players during labor however you were still steering the ship.  The TENS unit was vital!  And even when I no longer had the energy to push the pain button you were RIGHT there to assist.  Thank YOU for helping me accomplish a beautiful birth.  Thank you for your knowledge and cheerful additude.  I'm so glad to have had you as my doula!  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU 

Tracye (and Stephan)  Khyrem


 Before I found out I was pregnant I knew that I wanted to have a natural childbirth, however I knew that I wouldn’t be able to do it without a lot of support. Fortunately I found Karen’s website. I emailed her with a list of questions that she quickly responded to and with a wealth of information. Consequently I found out the next month that I was pregnant. From our first meeting with Karen, she felt like an old family friend. Karen was available throughout my entire pregnancy for questions, no matter how silly they seemed to me.

After going a week overdue and with the potential of having a 11 pound baby, we ending up being induced. Karen was able to quickly help us tweak our original birth plan. When she arrived at the hospital, I knew that I was in good hands. She helped us navigate through the medical lingo and make decisions, but never pushed her own opinions on us. I really valued her input and felt like she had my best interest in mind. Karen was able to wrangle my family into a very helpful birthing team. My husband was a great support and was even better with the help of Karen. My labor and delivery lasted nearly 20 hours and it was truly a marathon for all involved. She helped to keep us somewhat sane and headed in the same direction.

Without Karen I would not have been able to have the delivery that I desired. She encouraged me when I thought I couldn’t go on and never made me feel weak when I asked for Stadol. Whenever I would feel tense during a contraction, I would feel a firm hand telling me to relax and breathe. Her presence at the birth of our daughter was a true blessing and the pictures she took will be forever treasured. We are so grateful that she was able to share in our experience. It was such a joy when she came to visit us at home and spend time with our daughter that helped to bring safely into this world.

            Jessica, Steven, and Stella    



When I was 30 weeks pregnant, I went to a hair stylist who described her wonderful experience of natural birth with a midwife. Her story was so inspirational I was determined to have the same experience, but knew it was too late to find a midwife, so she recommended I look for a doula. Once I found Karen’s website I knew she was the right match for us and prayed that she would be available, since at that point I was already at 32 weeks! Thankfully, we were able to work with Karen, whose extensive experience and calm, confident spirit removed the stress and fear of the unknown that allowed me to enjoy the rest of my pregnancy. During the entire labor process I was able to relax and stay focused while Karen reinforced every detail of my birth plan with my nurse. Karen’s acupressure and breathing techniques made the labor progress so smoothly, I never once thought “I can’t do this.” Overall, Karen provided a way for my husband and I to have everything we wanted and more for the beautifully memorable and empowering natural child birth that God intended for all women to have!

Thank you Karen for your loving support & commitment, you are greatly appreciated!
Nik, Mikasa & Eva



When I found out I was pregnant with my first child, I didn’t know much about the process of labor and delivery and had only heard about doulas in passing. I decided that I wanted to have a natural childbirth with as few interventions as possible, but I was worried about my ability to go through with it. My husband is very supportive, but as it was our first experience with labor, I decided that I wanted someone who could support both of us and give us guidance. I interviewed several doulas but I knew immediately that Karen was the best match for us.

Karen guided us throughout the pregnancy and by the time the big day arrived, I felt informed and confident. The day I was in labor, Karen talked to me throughout the day while I went through the early stages of labor at home. That evening, she joined us at home when the contractions began to get more intense. Karen suggested positions that made things more comfortable and used acupressure and massage to get me through each contraction. A couple of hours later, she accompanied us to the hospital and continued to stay by my side. She also gave my husband the confidence and knowledge to help me through the contractions. Karen helped me stay relaxed throughout the labor and I was able to achieve my goal of a natural birth. With her and my husband supporting me, I never doubted my ability to get through labor drug free.

Thanks, Karen, for everything you did for us. Our birth experience was everything I had hoped for.

                                                                                Ashley, Philip and Anika 


When we first started deciding what kind of birth we wanted to have, I was interested in interviewing doulas. The idea of someone educated in helping my husband and I through labor that would be by our side the whole time, not in and out like nurses and doctors, really appealed to me. We interviewed a few doulas and both felt that Karen would be a good fit for us. She was so helpful even before our daughter's birthday! I could email or call her with questions or concerns at any time of day. When I was having bad back pains during pregnancy she showed my husband counter pressure techniques he could do to help ease the pain and they really helped!

The day our daughter was born was a LONG day. Karen arrived at the hospital and was with us for about 17 hours throughout my unexpected induction. I know she was exhausted, but she kept encouraging us through every contraction and obstacle we faced in trying to induce labor. She suggested positions, breathing techniques, and helped my husband massage me during contractions. She helped us make important decisions and explained the options we were up against with each unexpected twist and turn of the day. We truly appreciate her for staying in for the long haul and being a positive presence and encouraging voice when we were so very very tired! I ended up having an emergency c-section due to our daughter's heart rate dropping drastically, and Karen stayed with my parents in the lobby explaining to them what was happening.

Not only was she there for us before and during labor, but even AFTER our daughter's birth she has helped me with breastfeeding questions, newborn concerns, and even come by so we could weigh her without going to the pediatrician's office. Karen truly cares for the people she works with and strives to help them achieve the kind of birth they desire. We thank you so much Karen for being there for us and being a part of our journey into parenthood!

Ryan, Katie, and Olivia                           



http://newsok. com/oklahoma- mom-opts- for-traditional- birth-after- c-sections/ article/3398916? custom_click= lead_story_ title


        I first heard about doulas from my friend in New York City who, while pregnant with her first child, was terrified of the unknown and had decided to have a doula with her during labor to calm her nerves and get her through the process.  After learning more about doula services from her, I immediately was interested in finding one for myself believing  I was a perfect candidate. What made me feel like this was something I wanted to do went beyond my strong fear of needles, hospitals, etc., it was more about me wanting to be well prepared for labor by way of education so that I could have  my best experience possible. When pregnant, most women have some idea of how they want their labor to go even if it doesn’t go as planned. I wanted an easy labor (who doesn’t!), a  vaginal birth and the chance to progress as much as possible with little to no drugs. I wanted to be able to move and stay  upright in order to utilize gravity (your friend in labor) to help move my baby down. Karen helped me create a birth plan so that everyone knew what was important to me.

       I  met with a couple of doulas before deciding on Karen. I went with her because, upon meeting her,  I liked her energy, was  instantly comfortable around her and was impressed by her knowledge and experience. I also like her laid-back attitude and the manner in which she guided me to make decisions. My positive feelings about Karen were confirmed through glowing recommendations from  moms and dads who had used her during their labors.  I can say I made the right choice.

      Once admitted at the hospital, Karen met my husband and I there. She got me through painful contractions with acupressure, massage and changing positions. And, while I did finally ask for pain medication due to the fact that I had been having contractions for a few days prior, I was proud of myself for getting as far as I had without it-it made the rest of my labor easier. I probably would have asked for drugs earlier out of fear if Karen hadn’t have been there.  Even my family loved having her with me because it took the pressure off of them to help me through the pain. Her biggest fan would have to be my husband, who was initially skeptical of having a doula but relished the experience once he saw her care of me.

       Having Karen during my labor was such a positive experience that ,even though I now know what to expect, I plan to have her with me next time.

                                                                                                                                                          Kristin, Joe, and Vivien




God is good. Our little man is finally here! We found out about Karen from a friend and knew after our first meeting she was a perfect fit for us. So glad we did! Karen, we couldn’t have done it without you! Being a first time mom, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I wanted a natural childbirth but wasn’t sure if I could do it. We were hoping our little guy would come on his own but he wasn’t quite ready. About a week before our due date I became preeclamptic and our midwife decided it would be best to induce me. We started the process on Friday night with still not much progress as of

                                                                                                                              Ashley, Zach, and Grady



We did it!  I'm sure it would be a different story if you would not have been a part of it.  Our journey began learning what doulas do and don't do and after deciding to TRY having a natural birth we knew that finding the right doula would be key.  I found Karen and knew right away that she would be the one to help us through the most amazing time of our lives.  After my due date came and went Karen had tons of suggestions to get this little baby to come into the world.  A week later and talking with my doctor we decided to be induced.  Not at all how I imagined my labor and delivery, but I felt it was time and we went in on a Sunday morning.   She arrived just in time to get down to business!  Helping me stay focused.  Helping Ben help me.  She kept us informed of our different choices, what to expect next and kept us on track of our birth plan.  Karen's knowledge, support, and guidance helped Ben and I achieve our NATURAL childbirth.  The experience was amazing, it was was hard, it was a miracle.  Thank you Karen for everything, even taping the birth!  

With love,
Ashley, Ben, & Cecily



 Karen, We really appreciate all of your help. We couldn't have done it without you. I really appreciate you being so caring and personal and at the same time professional. You were a wonderful teacher, we really enjoyed your classes and learned so much. As first time parents we wouldn't have had a clue. Then when I found out you were also a Doula, I was ready to hire you to help me with Benjamin's birth because we did want a natural labor. Thank you for being available on such short notice. Benjamin wasn't due until the 19th, and it was such a great relief knowing that you were a phone call away 3 weeks sooner. Looking back on the 6 hours of labor, you really helped me relax as much as possible. You helped me get into positions that would help relieve the pain and pressure and stay focused. You also helped my husband be more at ease with helpful advice on how he could be attentive to my needs. He didn't think he would be able to remember all of the helpful things we learned in class for the actual delivery. He felt much more confident with you there to remind us about all of the breathing techniques, positions, and how he could help me relax. You made what would have already been a memorable experience that much smoother. Thank you for your support and being a part of it.

Christina, David, and Benjamin



      I am writing today because I had a son in December. Welcome little RJ, Mommy loves you. He is our second child; his sister is 16 months older. We chose to use a Doula the first time around and had a bad experience. I was leery about hiring one again but my husband was adamant. I began the search and noticed that Karen’s name kept coming up with other Doulas. I interviewed several and chose her not only on the feeling she gave me during the interview but also the high recommendations of other doulas.
     My labor started on Tuesday. The early pre labor stuff. We walked the mall Wednesday night and I woke up at 4 a.m. and knew it was time. My contractions felt like transition. They were 2 mins apart and lasting 45 seconds. I wanted to make it an hour at home with contractions less than 5 mins apart so I would be admitted. I was scared to be sent home from the hospital. Time distorts for me when I’m in labor. I was getting by; doing what I felt was right, squatting, moaning, pacing, breathing, waiting on an hour to pass. Finally my husband said, “That’s it we are going.” I didn’t realize it had been 2 ½ hours.
     He called Karen on the way. I was a 5 and 90%. They admitted me. I kept saying this is transition, it felt just like it, but it was lasting way too long 2,3,4 hours… I kept asking for help saying I couldn’t do it alone, I needed help. Every time the door would open I would say, “Is that help?” and my poor husband would say, “No, Honey, it’s just the nurse.” I was really struggling. Then the door opened and I asked again and he replied.” no it’s only Karen.” My heart leapt with joy. I knew I would be ok. I was so relieved.
     Karen never missed a beat. She came right to my bed side and centered me. I felt calmer and safer instantly and she never left my side. She seemed to know exactly what I needed even before I did. My labor lasted ten hours, that’s ten hours of really hard labor, transition type labor. They never got closer together or harder and we made it just fine. Karen, I would have been lost without you.
     When I felt it was time to push, I did. I assumed a squatting position and simply pushed him out. I didn’t tear, it didn’t hurt at all. I went slowly and eased him out. He weighed 9 lbs 1 oz and was 21 inches long. Please call me if you want to hear more.
     Karen, you are an angel to all birthing women. Never quit what you are doing, it would break my heart.

                                                                                                                             Rebecca, OJ, and RJ


Rebecca sent this picture and included this note:                     

Our friends had their baby, they took birth classes with you.  They told us about seeing our pics and I was SO excited!!!! WOW! I feel so happy to share those wonderful birth pics with expecting women!  You are so great!!!!  Miss you lots.


My husband and I were expecting our third baby when we decided we would like to have a natural birth with no drugs and as few interventions as possible. Our first two children were born with an epidural and then a c-section, respectively, so we only hoped I could make it through a birth without pain meds! Then we read about having a doula. After meeting with Karen, we knew she was just the one for us. She is friendly, reassuring, and very supportive. She stayed right with us through labor, helping me find the most comfortable positions to labor in. And when I got to transition and began to think I couldn’t go on (or stay awake!) any longer, she was able to keep me focused and help me hang in there until I could push. She was a wonderful supporter without ever being pushy. I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to have a natural birth or who is having a VBAC birth. It was the best birth experience we’ve had.  

                                                                                                        Jennifer, Brent, and Alayna




 Early in my pregnancy I chose a doula that I felt would be a good match for me. I had been planning VBAC and wanted to make sure I did everything I could to make it a success. Several weeks before my due date my doula contacted me and said she envisioned a successful VBAC for me and felt that Karen would be the best choice to help me see that success. I wasn’t completely comfortable switching doulas so late in my pregnancy but I’m so glad that I did.

Some of the most important things Karen did for us was show my husband several techniques to help me cope with the pain. Her direction infused both my husband and I with extra confidence along with a sense of empowerment we hadn’t felt in the birth of our first child. She also helped me communicate with my mid-wife so that we could resolve my concerns about some interventions, which ultimately contributed to our success.

I can’t imagine what it would have been like to give birth to our son without the help and guidance Karen gave us. I will be forever grateful for her!                 
Wendy, Juan, and Ethan       



      Like a lot of moms I decided to find a doula after a somewhat traumatic first birth. My husband is a wonderful man but he didn’t really know what to do for me while I was in labor. Also the nurses didn’t really listen to me and didn’t let me know that I had options. When I found out I was pregnant again I decided this time I was going to have a doula no matter what.
     We found out we were moving to Oklahoma from D.C. and I was going to be 8 months pregnant which didn’t leave me a lot of time to figure it all out once I got here. I wanted to have a midwife here since I loved mine in D.C. I also went to the DONA website to find a doula. I had emailed several and they all seemed nice but Karen stuck out as being extra helpful to a family who would be new to the area.
     When we got to Oklahoma she came to our house to discuss our birth plan. She assured us that it was fine and also let me know what other options I could have. She told us to call anytime we needed something and was very helpful when things came up.
     We called Karen when I was 4 cm. and she was there quickly. By the time she got there the contractions were getting uncomfortable and she stepped right in to help my husband keep me calm. She knew exactly where to rub or put pressure to make the contractions bearable. She never pushed anything and always asked what I wanted. I had planned on having an epidural but she got me through without one and I am grateful for that. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without that extra support she provided.                      

                                                                                                                             Katie, Steve, and Taryn
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